Team Lift-Off

Security, SEO, Support, Web Design, Web Development
About This Project

Liftoff is a virtual full-service marketing department company, who I am fortunate enough to be the web design and developer for. The company required a website which exemplified their business ethos and its focus on the customer.


Lift Off deals with large and small clients and ensures they always maintain the small company ability to give their customers the one to one service which creates confidence and great results.


The homepage was created in a way which makes it easy and intuitive to find your way around the website, and to locate the service you might be looking for without wasting time clicking through unecessary links.


The content is big, bold and easy to consume and maintains their color scheme and look throughout.


The website is fully responsive and scalable between devices,  browsers, platforms and resolutions and looks great on any medium it is viewed through while still maintaining speed and security.