aMasonGrace Project

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About This Project

The aMasongraceProject is run by a very close friend who tragically lost her son in 2013. Rather than let it break her, Holly setup the aMasongrace project and now travels around schools in the U.S. spreading hope to young people and a message to all that you are not alone.


She is an inspiration to anyone dealing with tragedy and loss in their lives and I was able to help in the tiniest of ways by creating her website.


A quote from Holly on the website:


“The goal of the aMasongrace (aMg) project is to share three essential messages with teens in middle and high school: Moments Pass, Please Stay, and You Matter. Holly Chamberlain, Mason’s mother and Founder of the aMasongrace project, speaks to youth groups, schools, and parents about the temporary nature of moments, the benefits of interpersonal connection, the power of words, and the value of every single life. Her goal is to raise awareness that sometimes there are no signs, and encourage every student and parent to start the conversation.”