Ally Law

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About This Project

The Ally Law website is not only an association of law firms – it is a new international legal service joining together no fewer than 2000 lawyers and advisers to provide services globally.


As you can imagine a web design project of this magnitude requires much planning to ensure each firm is represented accurately and equally, and that each firm is easy to find on a website which could easily become convoluted and over saturated with content.


We have however made multiple avenues to find the law firm which is required, to access their information, and to ensure that Ally Law itself is well represented throughout the website.


Little over a year after its creation Ally Law merged with The Alliance of Law Firms and so we created a new version of Ally Law which incorporated more than double the content of its first iteration.


We added 30+ new firms, hundreds of documents and imported news and blog posts going back years into our existing site, all with no effects on speed or navigation as everything was built anew form the ground up.


Ally Law now runs flawlessly in its current incarnation and is a central hub for Legal firms across the globe, showing that you can have an easy to navigate aesthetically pleasing website with a ton of content which runs quickly and smoothly.