Prices and Details on the front page? Yep! Because I’m proud of them.  No searching through pages for you, just check below and then go see some examples from the brightly colored animals above.  CONTACT MEbulldog


Blog Style Website: $650 – $1000
Depending on what you want in there, but that’s a pretty accurate rounding off. Includes Web Design and site development.


Corporate Website: $700 – $3000
I know, big difference in those 2 numbers right. But a corporate web design could involve a 100 pages and specially Designed features, so it could take a LOT of work to do right.


Portfolio / Small Business sites: $350-$650
Generally just a page or two of web design and development, well designed and straight to the point, saying Hi to the world, or showing them what you can do.

web design


Artwork to Order
I have also created over a hundred pieces of to specification Artwork for hotels, offices and individuals around the world. Some of my more out there examples can be seen HERE


Graphic Design
If you need a business card, brochure, sign or book cover designed, I previously worked for several years as a graphic designer and can create something perfect for your needs. Something like this stuff HERE


3D Design
I am great with Sketchup, Cinema4D and a few other 3D software programs. If you want to have something modeled and / or rendered let me know. I can even make game like environments with your dream house / village for you to walk around! Just ask (with the contact thingy on the left there).